LIFE LESSONS from Zindagi With Richa Season 2

Richa Said "There is so much to learn from everyone who we meet. Here we present to you there is so much to learn from everyone who we meet. Here we present to you the most important things said by our guests on season 2 of "Zindagi With Richa". S...

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Zindagi with Richa

Our Very own Shaurya, Interviewed by Richa

1 in 1000 children in India is born with Down Syndrome. Society sees them as someone who is incapable of living a near-normal life. All those who make fun of or look down upon people with Down Syn...

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Mother-Son Duo Founded An Art Studio & Changed The Way We Look At People With Down Syndrome

This story is really close to my heart. Since long, I have been looking forward to writing Nina Mehrotra’s story of how she instilled confidence in her son Shaurya, who has Down Syndrome and made him emotionally and financially independent.


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The Better India covers the story of Shaurya

The dictionary definition of a ceramist is one who makes ‘works of art’. This is certainly an apt description for Shaurya, a 30-year-old ceramist who runs an art studio in Gurugram along with his mother, Nina Mehrotra.
The special thing a...

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Cerafest 2018/2017 Delhi/NCR

Shaurya participated in Ceramic Fest under the name of his Studio- Banana Studio. The event was organized by Delhi Blue and eminent and upcoming potters displayed their works for the show.

Look at Shaurya's Pictures (Ceramic Fest) ...

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“Woven Together” – Jaipur 2018

“Woven Together” was a collaboration of 42 potters brought together by an eminent potter Ruby Jhunjhunwala. Shaurya was invited to collaborate for this event for which he made ceramic squares which were a part of the installation by 42 potters fr...

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Interview by BBC

In March 2018 , Shaurya was interviewed by BBC in his Studio in Gurgaon. On that day Shaurya was in his element as he proceeded to show a demo in hand building with clay which was captured on camera. His mom spoke about his journey from his early ...

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