Mother-Son Duo Founded An Art Studio & Changed The Way We Look At People With Down Syndrome

This story is really close to my heart. Since long, I have been looking forward to writing Nina Mehrotra’s story of how she instilled confidence in her son Shaurya, who has Down Syndrome and made him emotionally and financially independent.

Shaurya is 30 and is an incredible ceramist. He is the proud owner of Studio Banana that welcomes people from various walks of life and encourages them to enjoy art.

To understand how Nina came up with the idea of establishing a bright space like Studio Banana, I rang her up and a beautifully honest conversation happened.

Can you please share a little about your family.

My husband was in a corporate job, and so, we got to travel a lot. We are fortunate to have spent a beautiful time in countries like South Africa, Thailand, and China before we finally decided to come back home – India. We led a pretty normal life with our only child, Shaurya, who enjoyed meeting new kids at school and in the neighborhood every few years. 24 times, to be precise (laughs).

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