We at Banana Studio believe that art is universal and is the most beautiful expression of human consciousness. We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can simply indulge in the imaginative process and let the inner self blossom. In this space we would love to see special needs kids and adults expressing their love for art with their neurotypical counterparts in harmony.Mission

Its All About Happiness

it's all about happiness

Banana Studio is dedicated to bring happiness through art. While Banana Studio is primarily Shaurya and Nina’s personal studio, one of its objectives is to reach out to the community and be a creative space for all. Shaurya loves to receive his visitors with a bright smile and his cheerful disposition sets the right mood for the day.

meet thefounder

Meet Shaurya Mehrotra, a 32-year-old artist with a cheerful disposition. A charismatic personality with full of life and positivity. His journey as a potter and artist began in South Africa and later he continued being trained in Bangkok.

  • First Solo Exhibition - 2011 (Bangkok).
  • Ceramicfest - 2017 (Gurgaon).
  • Finext Exhibition - 2017 (Indore).
  • Woven Together - 2018 (Jaipur).
  • Ceramicfest - 2018 (Gurgaon).
  • India art festival - 2018 (Delhi).
  • Ceramicfest 2019
  • Ecapa Exhibition - 2019
  • Conducted workshop at India art Fair -2020

Besides this he also showcase his artwork at Epicenter, Sanskriti School, etc.

His works are also being sold online on World Art Community and Etsy. Shaurya is a happy-go-lucky person. He enjoys cycling, walking, dancing, yoga and loves going for drives and movies, eating out and travelling.

Meet The Founder

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We always strive to hold workshops for kids and adults from time to time. Our workshops are designed with minimum instructions and freedom of expressions for each individual.

All are warmly and cordially invited with details specified in the event section.

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